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Coconut Lentil Soup

I thought that Asian noodle bowl was a shoe-in for best dinner of the week, but THIS is truly a spectacular dish with minimum effort. My first foray into lentils was such a success, I’ve been looking for an excuse to try the French Green variety. This soup (it’s really a thick stew texture) combines … Continue reading

Cashew Chicken Lettuce Wraps

The first time I visited my besty at her super grown up apartment in Boston, she made this great cashew chicken stir-fry with wild rice, wrapped in sweet buttery Boston lettuce wraps. Applause for the best nester I know! Anyway, it’s a RealSimple recipe, so it qualifies as quick and simple, but it includes more … Continue reading

Almond Butter

Around here we eat almond butter like there’s no tomorrow. Almonds have a zillionĀ health benefits, but they’re also conveniently delicious. By contrast, peanut butter seems almost intolerably….sticky, not to mention excessively sweet. Almond butter has always been more pricey than its common peanut cousin, but while I used to cringe at the $7 price tag, … Continue reading

Chicken Barley Salad

I don’t like salads, and for most of the year I won’t eat anything colder than room temperature. But there are a precious few salads that manage to stay in my rotation. This chicken barley concoction is good hot or cold, in winter or summer, and relatively quick and affordable. I made it this week … Continue reading

Wellness Toddy

Last week I needed a cure for the common cold; today I am simply craving a cure forĀ cold. Sly winter sneaked in overnight, dusting the hills with snow and coaxing the golden oaks to drop their fall coats in a shudder. And now the snow plunges even to the valley, a beautiful white haze in … Continue reading

Best Green Smoothies

Green smoothies can’t yet escape an “only in California” stigma for general yuppiness, but the facts remain: blending up $12 worth of fresh fruit & greens baby-food-style into a drinkable meal might just be the most efficient & delicious way to give your body what it really needs. If you can first swallow the $500 … Continue reading

Alpine Panorama

Some Danish friends and I came up with this recipe during our “working holiday” stint in New Zealand. After long days of hiking and climbing and tomfoolery, this was as gourmet as we could get for ~ $6: beef and mushrooms over rice. Simple, cheap, and far from glamorous, but warm and hearty, and the … Continue reading