Wellness Toddy

Last week I needed a cure for the common cold; today I am simply craving a cure for cold. Sly winter sneaked in overnight, dusting the hills with snow and coaxing the golden oaks to drop their fall coats in a shudder. And now the snow plunges even to the valley, a beautiful white haze in the sky but blanketing everything with a wet gray chill. Days like this have only one remedy: the wellness toddy. Inspired by the wonderful vegetarian cafe Prasad in Portland, the wellness toddy is a perfect balance of refreshing sweetness, spiced warmth, & serious germ defense. When you’re under the weather, include as much cayenne and ginger as you can handle, to battle bacteria and mucus.

Wellness Toddy
1 serving

  • 1″ chunk of fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1/4 lemon, juiced
  • 1 tsp honey (preferably raw & local, but I am using the neither raw nor local but amazing clear honey from my dad’s backyard hives. thanks, daddy!)
  • cayenne pepper

1. Grate the ginger into a large mug. You want at least 1 tsp grated, and extra is better. Discard the stringy fibers left on the outside of the grater. If pressed for time or lacking a grater, you could use jarred minced ginger, but may compromise some flavor and health benefits.

2. Squeeze the lemon slice into the mug. If it’s organic, just drop in the whole slice; if it’s a conventional waxed lemon, discard the slice after juicing.

3. Sprinkle a dash of cayenne on top of the grated ginger. The more the better, but start with just a dash. Cayenne is a great remedy for sore throats, but this is the only tasty, painless method I’ve ever found for consuming it!

4. Fill the mug with boiled water, and stir in the honey. Steep 3 minutes.


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