Pumpkin Muffins

While visiting friends in Chicago a couple months ago, an ambitious soul baked up a moist, delicious loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread for breakfast one morning. I have been craving it since, and while I easily tracked down recipes for pumpkin cake, I never get away with eating cake for breakfast. Pioneer Woman finally came to the rescue with a muffin version–totally acceptable for breakfast!


  • I doubled the recipe, so as not to waste so much of the canned pumpkin & evaporated milk (what else would one do with half a can of evap. milk?).
  • Real, home-roasted pumpkin would surely have been superior, but I’m lazy, and I’d like to support Libby’s for the 2 weeks a year that they actually sell canned pumpkin.
  • I added 1 c. chocolate chips; no explanation required.
  • Ended up with 20 muffins, half of which went straight into the freezer (stockpiling for hibernation), and the house smelled divine.
  • Overall, they are cute and orange and subtly sweet, but a little dryer, more bread-like than I was expecting. I guess I wanted cake for breakfast after all.

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