Baked Potato Soup

Courtesy of Kate at Our Best Bites, Baked Potato Soup is winter goodness in a bowl. Hot, rich, creamy, filling — like a hug from the inside! Plus a thousand calories of dairy and bacon!

It’s a straightforward recipe, besides the roux. I have had fair success with roux-based sauces and soups before, but this was my personal worst. Even after using an immersion blender, i had to scoop out a dozen big flour lumps. No doubt it is possible for a good cook to integrate half a cup of flour, but not this lil lady.

(Upon further reflection: roux failed because milk wasn’t hot enough. Should have brought to a simmer in a separate pan first.)

Servings: 6 (and leftovers cannot be frozen, so we’ll be eating this for days)
Time to Table: 45 mins
Difficulty: medium
In Sum: simple recipe, fussy roux. would make again.


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